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With some areas even less accessible than Antarctica, the High-Arctic is a thrilling region for explorers.

Join us as we open the doors to some of the world's most exclusive camps and expeditions.

Ever wanted to experience a world-first? This is your chance!

Our Trailblazing. Your Experience. Complete.

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Scoresbysund, Greenland

Adventure Yachting at the Edge of the World

Scoresbysund is the largest fjord complex on planet Earth, boasting mountains up to 2000m high and fjords up to 1500m deep.

The Oyster 68 sailing yacht offers ten berths over five separate cabins, all en-suite with showers, for six guests and four crew members. Designed by Holman and Pye and built in 1989 by Oyster Marine in England, this excellent vessel is recognized throughout the sailing world for quality, comfort and performance.

Unravel an experience of wild encounters with Polar Bears and Musk Ox. Sail in the serenity of floating icebergs and kayak on the fjord. Explore hot springs with unmatched fjord views. Witness the magical Northern Lights putting on a show just for you. Discover unique dinosaur footprints that are just a helicopter ride away.


Image by Andy Brunner
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Image by Janik Rohland
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Geographical North Pole

In a World of Plenty; Follow in the Footsteps of the Few

By Helicopter 

Fly from Longyearbyen to the 89°N Ice Camp. Board a helicopter that takes you on a 40-min flight to the Geographical North Pole and back. Spend the night in a warm tent on the drifting Arctic Sea Ice, witness the daily life at camp and get a feeling of real explorations. The comfortable way to the North Pole.

By Dogsled

If you enjoy having unique and exciting experiences, a thrilling dogsled ride from 89°N Ice Camp to the Geographical North Pole should be right up your alley. Your musher team will take good care of you and the dogs, creating a bond of trust. Combined with a full Svalbard experience. this will be a topic of conversation for years to come.

On Skis

Test your endurance on a cross country ski expedition, reaching the Geographical North Pole. Possibilities of execution and logistical support vary, but most popular are the 6-day Half Degree and 21-day Double Degree scheduled programs. Private logistical services available on request. Are you up for the challenge?

In your Dreams

Interested in Skydiving above the North Pole? Scuba Diving in the Arctic Sea? Setting up a football field on the drifting sea ice? Creating a unique event for your brand? Getting married at the North Pole? Your dreams are our only limit as we bring your vision to life.

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Image by Prometheus Design
Image by Prometheus Design
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Image by Johny Goerend
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